Iberia trips

Catalonia & Aragon, 2016

“A vulture photography trip in February 2016 with Carl Corbidge, the main aim to see the Lammergeier in the wild…”

Northern Spain, 2015

“After a couple of Greek adventures last year it was time to get back to the Iberian peninsula, albeit to a unknown part for me personally…”

Tenerife, 2014

“In December 2014, myself and a group of friends decided to escape the UK winter and spend a week on the Canary island of Tenerife. I was able to spend some time searching for the island’s endemic lizard species at a number of locations.”

South Iberian peninsula, 2012

“From 8th-14th December I re-visited areas in southern Portugal and south-west Spain in search of amphibians like I did in…”

South Portugal (Algarve), 2011

“For some time I have wanted to see the abundance of amphibians found in the Iberian peninsula, and several years ago I was fortunate…”

Menorca, 2010

“After visiting the Balearic island of Majorca in August, there was a notable species absent from my list, and this was the main reason…”

Majorca, 2010

“Mid summer trips to the Mediterranean are usually difficult with regard to finding amphibians and reptiles with the very hot weather conditions, however the Balearic island of Majorca is home to some endemic species…”

Murcia, 2008

“In 2008 as part of my degree course I spent six months living in Murcia, S-E Spain. This region, along with neighbouring Almeria…”

Ibiza & Formentera, 2008

” This was not exactly a serious herpetological field excursion, it was in fact an organised trip for foreign students living in Murcia…”

Andalusia, 2008

“In April 2008 I joined the Austrian herpetological field team from www.herpetofauna.at for a 10 day trip across Andalusia…”

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