Over the years I have made a number of contributions to the knowledge of herpetofauna, primarily in Greece and I list the most significant ones below. In more recent years as my photography improved, I have also had good numbers of my photographs of amphibians and reptiles included in some wonderful books and field guides.


Wilson, M. J. (2006): Herpetological observations on the Greek islands of Kefallinia and Zakynthos. – The Herpetological Bulletin, 97: 19-28.

Wilson, M. J. & H. Grillitsch (2009): The herpetofauna of Simi (Dodecanese, Greece). – Herpetozoa, 22(3/4): 99-113.

Wilson, M. J & I. Strachinis (2014) New record of Typhlops vermicularis Merrem, 1820 from Symi island, Greece, Herpetology Notes, volume 7: 9-10

Wilson, M., Stille, B. & M. Stille (2014): Herpetofauna of Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece, including two new species new to the island. – Herpetozoa, 27(1/2): 108-112.

Contributing photographer

Stille B and Stille M (2017) Herpetofauna of Corfu and adjacent islands, Edition Chimaria, ISBN-13: 9783899735246

Schultz, K-D (2013) Old World Ratsnakes: a collection of papers, ISBN 13: 9783874294355

Speybroeck et al (2016) Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Britain and Europe, Bloomsbury publishing, ISBN-13: 9781408154595

Vacher, J-P, Geniez, M (2011) Les Reptiles de France, Belgique, Luxembourg et Suisse, Publications Biotope, ISBN: 9782914817493

If you require copies of any of the publications above in which I am the author please email:


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