Other trips

Slovakia & Hungary 2018

“In summer 2018 Carl and I spent time in Slovakia & Hungary, mainly looking for mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians.”

United Arab Emirates, 2018

“As I would likely have to pass through the UAE on my way back to the UK from Thailand I decided to make a short trip out of it and….”

Slovakia 2017

“Like in 2016, I visited Kat’s homeland of Slovakia at the end of May for a mostly family visit. However, the family weekend house is ideally situated in…”

Morocco, 2016

“A road trip through Morocco in August 2016 with Carl Corbidge and Gertjan Verspui..”

Slovakia, 2016

“Spring in beautiful, wooded Slovakia with a number of nice species found in pristine woodland..”

Costa Rica, 2016

“I visited the S-W Osa peninsula where I stayed at La Tarde eco resort and visit Corcovado National Park..”

Corsica, 2012

“Since my most recent trips have been more reptile based I thought it would be nice to do the first amphibian based trip since I went to…”

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