Greece trips

Greek islands summer 2019

“Since I moved to Thailand I have longed for a return trip to Greece. The notable limitation is that I am now only able to visit in July because..”

Koufonisia (Cyclades) 2016

“It’s been a good number of years since I have travelled in October. Previous experience has taught me that this can either be a great time…”

Cyclades islands, 2015

“Island hopping in August 2015 around the Cyclades, beach by day and viper hunting during the cooler hours and into the night..”

Kos & Kalymnos 2015

“We arrived on Kos to find that the coastal areas were inundated after very strong rains with large parts of coastal roads being under water… “

Greek mountains, 2014

“I spent 12 days traveling long distances across mainland Greece with Ilias Strachinis surveying mountains for herpetofauna…”

Cyclades islands, 2014

“Over the past month I have been in the Cyclades islands, Greece, spending time on Ios, Sikinos, Milos and Santorini…”

Corfu, 2014

“As is almost a spring tradition I returned to the island of Corfu to explore for amphibians and reptiles…”

Corfu and Paxos, 2013

“As in 2011 and 2012 I was invited back to Corfu by the Durrell School of Corfu to lead aspects of herpetology for Gerald Durrell’s Corfu 2013…”

Corfu, 2012

“I was delighted to be invited back for a second time by the Durrell School of Corfu to participate as one of the leaders of Gerald Durrell’s Corfu…”

Symi & Rhodes, 2012

“Between 11th-21st April I re-visited the small Dodecanese island of Symi, close to the Turkish coast. I have visited the island four times..”

Milos & Kimolos 2011

“For a long time I have wanted to visit the small group of islands in the Cyclades which are home to the endemic Milos viper (Macrovipera schweizeri)…”

Corfu, 2011

“In May 2011 I was invited to lead on herpetology subjects for Gerald Durrell’s Corfu week, this was followed by further field work…”

Northern Greece & Limnos, 2010

“This is a trip I had been planning for quite some time, and after putting together ideas we came up with some fantastic choices for herping destinations in northern Greece. Initially the plan was to visit Thrace..”

Lesvos, 2009

“After years of wanting to visit this island I finally had my first opportunity to explore one of the largest and most untouched…”

Zakynthos, 2009

“Zakynthos is best known for its important nesting beaches for the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta), and thanks to my conservationist friend Yannis Vardakastanis…”

Crete, 2009

“A rather early trip to Crete, by far the largest of the Greek islands, but due to prolonged isolation, despite its size and variety of habitats only 14 species of…”

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