Corfu 2014

Corfu 26th May- 1st June

As is almost a spring tradition I returned to the island of Corfu to explore for amphibians and reptiles. As usual I stayed with my Herpetologist friend Bosse Stille and we explored the majority of the island over the 6 days. Weather conditions were quite variable and we lost an entire day due to heavy rainfall. That being said we found the majority of species found on Corfu. Not all were photographed, especially those I had photographed many hundreds of times before. I was also too lazy to throw myself into water to catch some species so I just took a few record photos instead.

Sadly the Greek government has agreed to sell some of it’s most precious coastlines, likely to millionaire/billionaire foreigners who are not concerned with conservation but making money. Some of those designated for this fate in Corfu I already consider to have been “lost” to development (Kassiopi and Dassia) but two in particular that are listed are relatively untouched and wildlife hotspots on the island, namely Issos Beach at the Korrision Lagoon and the untouched headland east of Kassiopi in the north.  The fate of the Korrision lagoon area now looks sealed and soon the development/destruction will begin, despite the area being a Natura 2000 listed site. Legislation means nothing it seems.

As I visit Corfu regularly I won’t bother with an in-depth field report, although I promise I will write one for my forthcoming trip to the Cyclades.

We did notice an increase in people visiting the island to search for reptiles and we were very disappointed to see people flipping rocks and not replacing them. In some places the damage was ridiculous and as far as I am concerned people who are too lazy to replace rocks in the field should carefully consider their practice and the damage it has on the animals they claim to like.

All photos are (C) Matt Wilson 2014

Untitled copy

Numbers of snakes seen during the week, including DOR (dead on road specimens).

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