Costa Rica 2016

In April 2016 myself and my girlfriend visited Costa Rica for 12 days. We decided to spend the entire trip in the south-western area surrounding the Corcovado National Park. After taking a small plane from San José to Puerto Jimenez we stayed in a remote, mountain location for 6 nights followed by 5 nights at Drake Bay. From here we could visit the Corcovado National Park itself and see some amazing wildlife we would not have seen elsewhere.

Costa Rica needs no introduction and despite extremely dry conditions, we still found vast numbers of amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, insects and sea life. Finding amphibians did take some patience as rainfall was particularly low while we were there but patience and some local help allowed us to see all of our major targets in the end. We are extremely grateful to Adam Bland, Mike Boston, Andrew Gray, Marcelo Carvajal and especially Eduardo Castro Rojas. Without Eduardo we would not have found many of the the species we saw and his knowledge of his local patch of the Osa peninsula is outstanding. Thanks Eduardo!

We saw so many species that it is too difficult for me to write a day-to-day field report, although perhaps I am just getting lazy. The latter is mostly likely, but the photos should speak for themselves I hope.

IMG_6370 copyIMG_5523 copy copyIMG_5545 copyIMG_5556 copyIMG_5560 copyIMG_5568 copyIMG_5575 copyIMG_5600 copyIMG_5603 copyIMG_5609 copyIMG_5618 copyIMG_5630 copyIMG_5631 copyIMG_5636 copyIMG_5644 copyIMG_5647 copyIMG_5660 copyIMG_5662 copyIMG_5871 copyIMG_5892 copyIMG_5895 copyIMG_5954 copyIMG_5961 copyIMG_5973 copyIMG_5983 copyIMG_6002 copyIMG_6007 copyIMG_6030 copyIMG_6033 copyIMG_6042 copyIMG_6047 copyIMG_6072 copyIMG_6099 copyIMG_6106 copyIMG_6161 copyIMG_6162 copyIMG_6178 copyIMG_6191 copyIMG_6193 copyIMG_6199 copyIMG_6202 copyIMG_6244 copyIMG_6260 copyIMG_6266 copyIMG_6270 copyIMG_6281 copyIMG_6296 copyIMG_6302 copyIMG_6304 copyIMG_6306 copyIMG_6327 copyIMG_6329 copyIMG_6331 copyIMG_6333 copyIMG_6338 copyIMG_6352 copyIMG_7468 copyIMG_6398 copyIMG_6403 copyIMG_6438 copyIMG_6444 copyIMG_6466 copyIMG_6473 copyIMG_6491 copyIMG_6493 copyIMG_6506 copyIMG_6509 copyIMG_6511 copyIMG_6518 copyIMG_6534 copyIMG_6536 copyIMG_6543 copyIMG_6548 copyIMG_6557 copyIMG_6563 copyIMG_6616 copyIMG_6641 copyIMG_6645 copyIMG_6651 copyIMG_6681 copyIMG_6688 copyIMG_6701 copyIMG_6710 copyIMG_6713 copyIMG_6716 copyIMG_6729 copyIMG_6731 copyIMG_6734 copyIMG_6737 copyIMG_6747 copyIMG_6758 copyIMG_6759 copyIMG_6768 copyIMG_6775 copyIMG_6784 copyIMG_6786 copyIMG_6795 copyIMG_6800 copyIMG_6830 copyIMG_6911 copyIMG_6925 copyIMG_6944 copyIMG_6977 copyIMG_7029 copyIMG_7054 copyIMG_7074 copyIMG_7115 copyIMG_7140 copyIMG_7156 copyIMG_7231 copyIMG_7236 copyIMG_7257 copyIMG_7284 copyIMG_7287 copyIMG_7295 copyIMG_7317 copyIMG_7322 copyIMG_7328 copyIMG_7351 copyIMG_7375 copyIMG_7381 copyIMG_7390 copyIMG_7423 copyIMG_7429 copyIMG_7444 copyIMG_7447 copyIMG_7450 copyIMG_7457 copyIMG_7460 copyIMG_7467 copyDSCN0913DSCN0272DSCN0412DSCN0524DSCN0530DSCN0543DSCN0549DSCN0551DSCN0562DSCN0579DSCN0645DSCN0656DSCN0671DSCN0682DSCN0731DSCN0770DSCN0774DSCN0787DSCN0789DSCN0901DSCN0903DSCN0907DSCN0910


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