Morocco 2016

Scroll down to see my photos from our trip to southern Morocco in August 2016 click on the photo below to go to my photo gallery from the trip. Since Gertjan and Carl both wrote great reports from our trip, please visit their pages to see them. Why write my own detailed report when these two did the work for me? 😉

Gertjan’s field report

Carl’s field report

IMG_8605 copyIMG_8610 copyIMG_8620 copyIMG_8631 copyIMG_8639 copyIMG_9536 copyIMG_8658 copyIMG_8664 copyIMG_8679 copyIMG_8690 copyIMG_8694 copyIMG_8699 copyIMG_8703 copyIMG_8718 copyIMG_8730 copyIMG_8759 copyIMG_8780 copyIMG_8799 copyIMG_8822 copyIMG_8826 copyIMG_8835 copyIMG_8839 copyIMG_8846 copyIMG_8859 copyIMG_8860 copyIMG_8873 copyIMG_8896 copyIMG_8937 copyIMG_8970 copyIMG_9011 copyIMG_9028 copyIMG_9041 copyIMG_9051 copyIMG_9068 copyIMG_9077 copyIMG_9104 copyIMG_9116 copyIMG_9135 copyIMG_9138 copyIMG_9166 copyIMG_9211 copyIMG_9218 copyIMG_9235 copyIMG_9248 copyIMG_9258 copyIMG_9284 copyIMG_9300 copyIMG_9319 copyIMG_9323 copyIMG_9333 copyIMG_9339 copyIMG_9343 copyIMG_9358 copyIMG_9365 copyIMG_9381 copyIMG_9396 copyIMG_9406 copyIMG_9414 copyIMG_9431 copyIMG_9442 copyIMG_9449 copyIMG_9456 copyIMG_9470 copyIMG_9486 copyIMG_9489 copyIMG_9495 copyIMG_9500 copyIMG_9515 copyIMG_9527 copy

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