Kaeng Krachan short trip

I had intended to visit the Komodo islands in Indonesia last week but Covid had other ideas so I had to put that plan back onto the shelf for a while. However, I had a wonderful short trip to Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi instead with some inevitable king cobra stalking.

Here is a brief trip report.

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    • Je n’ai pas vu beaucoup d’espèces cette fois, mais deux rencontres avec le roi n’étaient pas mal du tout!

    • Thanks Fred. Yes, King cobras have amazing scalation on their heads which is not only unique but also makes them look quite impressive.

  1. Fantastic photos Matt. We had an amazing encounter with a “small” 9 foot King Cobra in Western Bali,they are truly awesome! We are visiting Kaeng Krachan in May and staying with Ian and Games at Baan Maka but have a 2 day herping trip with Tontan,not the best time of year for snakes but maybe we’ll get lucky.

    • Hi Jim,
      May is actually a very good time as this is usually the first month where there are consistent rains. So it should be good for amphibians and for reptiles. I’m sure you will see some nice animals with Tontan Travel, they are the best in the business!
      Have a good trip,

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