Updates summer 2022

I’ve added a number of new pages over the past months based on recent trips. They are;

Cyclades islands, Greece 2022

Short-eared owls 2022

Slovakia 2022

As I shall be moving back to Phuket next week, I have started the long process of attempting to catalog my wildlife photos. This will likely be a slow process but this is what I have so far;

Snakes of Phuket

Lizards of Phuket

Cheers, Matt

4 responses to “Updates summer 2022”

  1. Fantastic trip reports Matt! Hope you do an Ainsdale revisited one day in the future.
    Best wishes

    • Thanks Paul, I should have made the effort while I was home to visit Ainsdale. I guess I was more than a bit obsessed with the owls at the time!

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