UK Adders 2022

For the first time in five years I am able to enjoy the emergence of adders (Vipera berus) in the north of England. In previous years I have only been able to see this species during the summer months when I would typically return home.

After weeks of stormy weather I finally saw the first three adders at a lowland location on 22nd February. A few days later on 25th I visited a moorland site with Carl Corbidge where we saw 12 individuals at a few locations. That day was likely the first suitable weather that these adders have had this year! If decent weather persists I hope to also see how the dwindling populations are doing in my more local moorland areas. It was a nice experience to see the snakes at this much anticipated time of the year, especially since I will be back in Slovakia from next week where I will spend the majority of the spring. That being said, Slovakia has a lot more wildlife on offer so I am looking forward to see many species in addition to adders while I am there. All being well in this now ever-changing world, I hope to spend some time in Greece in the spring before I move back to Thailand in the summer.

You can see highlights of my adder watching prior to 2017 in the photo gallery:

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  1. Thanks for that Matt. Most of my colleagues will be surprised that adders can emerge in February! Good to hear from you.

    • Thanks Steve. It was nice to be around here again at this time off year. I’ll come back for a bit more in April! Hope you are well.

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