Phuket photos from May 2021

I shall try to get back into the habit of sharing my regular photos from Phuket on the blog. I have only 7 weeks or so left in Thailand before I return to Slovakia over the summer and the move to Egypt to start a new job.

Some casual hikes this weekend produced some nice finds, including two Wagler’s pit vipers (Tropidolaemus wagleri), a Reticulated python (Python reticulatus) and a much appreciated Dog-toothed cat snake (Boiga cynodon). This was only the third or fourth time I have seen this cat snake species, the one in the photos was nearly two metres long! The previous weekend a forest hike produced some Oriental vine snakes (Ahaetulla prasina) and an Elegant bronzeback (Dendrelaphis formosus). Outside the house one day an Ornate fly snake was seen several times as it hunted lizards near the balcony.

4 responses to “Phuket photos from May 2021”

  1. Another great set of photo’s Matt. It looks like the owl might have a bit of a problem trying to swallow the rodent.

    Enjoy your summer and I hope the new job goes well.


    • Thanks Fred! Yes the Bay owls are excellent rodent hunters, he would have managed it one way or another. I will be somewhere in Europe over the summer so hopefully lots of things to photograph while I am there.


    • Merci! En fait j’ai vu plus que ça récemment mais on n’a pas le temps de tout partager! Cependant il faut que je profite de mes dernières semaines ici en Thaïlande.

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