Thailand road trip summer 2020

What do you do when you can’t return to Europe in the summer holidays? Here is the answer. 10,000km, 39 amphibian species, 29 lizard species, 44 snake species as well as many amazing mammals and birds in just under five weeks of traveling Thailand.

Thanks to Kat for her continued patience and helping to organise some parts of the trip as well as thanks to the people who we spent time with during various parts of the trip; Andre, Tim, Bam, Rushen, Montri, Ton, Ian, Games, Andy, Alex (Coke) Mint, Bastian, Watinee, Man, Satawan, and Parinya and his crew. An extra special thank you to Ian and Games who joined us at several locations on this trip and provided regular advice and information for the entire trip. For some additional tips we thank Peter, Tom and Antonio.

See the report here.

Blue dots indicate search areas during the trip.

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