Reticulated python!

Technically, we have already seen three Reticulated pythons (Python reticulatussince we moved to Phuket. However, two of these were killed on the roads and the third was high up sleeping in a tree. So it was nice to finally see a python closeup on Friday evening, after this young individual crossed our path (around 1.2 metres long). We also saw a Sunbeam snake (Xenopeltis unicolor) but I just saw it’s tail vanishing off the road and by the time I got out of the car and had my torch on it, it’s body was tangled into some dense vegetation so I couldn’t persuade him out for some photos.fullsizeoutput_efullsizeoutput_ffullsizeoutput_11fullsizeoutput_10

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    • It was a beauty Fred. Although I haven’t seen a big adult yet, I believe the colors and patterns are generally nicer on the youngsters.

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