Night drive, 14th August

After some very heavy rain I could hear that there were a lot more amphibians calling so I decided to go for a short nocturnal drive on some local roads to see what was around. Apart from large numbers of live and dead amphibians, I soon came across a freshly killed Yellow and black rat snake (Orthriophis taeniurus). Soon after this we spotted a juvenile Green cat-eyed snake (Boiga cyanea) making it’s away across a quieter road. A few metres down the road, Kat spotted an owl sat in a tree. The owl was curious about something in the grass by the roadside, we soon realized that it was looking at a large, adult Green cat-eyed snake. Great! Not long after this, we saw a Red-necked keelback (Rhabdophis subminiatus) crossing the road, but it moved off before I could get photos or catch it.

Photos (C) Matt Wilson 2017

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