A meeting with a King

As I have never seen a King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) in the flesh before, I met with a local Phuket snake catcher who allowed me to photograph one of the cobras he had caught on the island. These are amazing snakes and this large male, originally from the foothills of northern Phuket island was a pleasure to photograph. Truly one of the most amazing snakes in the world. However, this particular snake catcher showed me the permanent reminders he has of three bites from King cobras and he is very lucky to still be alive. I hope that at some point I will meet a King myself when I am exploring Phuket and Thailand over the next few years. Although much of Phuket’s primary rainforest has gone, King cobras still live on the island and would not appear to be rare based on the number of them which end up as a headline in the local newspapers having ventured into houses and onto property.

Photos (C) Matt Wilson 20171Z8A4257 copy1Z8A4262 copy1Z8A4218 copy1Z8A4202 copy

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