Thailand move!

Some already know, but perhaps most do not. I've now moved to Phuket island in Thailand! So I plan to update the page regularly and create a 'Thai dairies' page where I will upload my regular local amphibian and reptile findings from the island. As this is my first time in this area of the world, I welcome any corrections to species posted as I am not (yet) an expert on the Herpetofauna in this part of the world. I have already seen a number of the iconic species of this region which I will share shortly after I did a trip to the Phi Phi islands and to Khao Sok National Park during the past weeks. After moving into my house in Phuket a few days ago I already saw my first live snake, a Mock viper which I will post at some point. We also have a number of interesting species living in and around our new home. More to follow…

All photos (C) Matt Wilson

2 Comments on “Thailand move!

  1. Enjoy the change of scenery Matt. It will be nice to see what you manage to find.

    Fred stokes


    • Thanks Fred, very different to north England but so far it’s a great place. Gives me more things to put on my website that’s for sure!


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