24 hours makes all the difference!

With nice conditions this morning I thought that I would have a quick check on the adders again since next weekend I am away on a course. I wasn’t expecting anything different from yesterday with the same three males being present but not having shed their skins. Upon arrival not only had all three males just sloughed their skins but a further three smaller males who had also sloughed their skins had joined them! Despite a number of visits this spring I had not seen any of these three “new” smaller males. I wonder where they came from all of a sudden? Perhaps being smaller snakes they did not spend any where near the amount of time basking as the larger males. Not that I was complaining and soon two of the males were courting and guarding a large orange female. Whereas another smaller female was basking all by herself far away from where the males had congregated.

Now the adders will be beginning their mating I cut down my visits considerably, not that any of the adders I saw today had any idea I was there in any case.

IMG_1303 copyIMG_1312 copyIMG_1344 copyIMG_1369 copyIMG_1240 copyIMG_1247 copyIMG_1274 copyIMG_1288 copyIMG_1211 copy

2 responses to “24 hours makes all the difference!”

  1. That’s great news on the adder front. I’ve been to one of my local reputed site once but no luck !
    Re the GCN in our area, we are going to look at them on Thursday evening. There should be an email in your inbox with details.

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