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Monthly Archives: April 2017

On Thursday I decided to go to see the adders after work as the weather had been bad all day but then the sun came out. When I arrived I saw that two, possibly three had paired up with a female. In the end I saw two definite adder couples, one single large female and two more single adders. One pair began copulating while I was there, so I took a few… Read More

With nice conditions this morning I thought that I would have a quick check on the adders again since next weekend I am away on a course. I wasn’t expecting anything different from yesterday with the same three males being present but not having shed their skins. Upon arrival not only had all three males just sloughed their skins but a further three smaller males who had also sloughed their skins had… Read More

This morning I visited my local adders again and I was amazed that the males had still not sloughed their skins! Most people I know who visit different areas, have seen freshly sloughed male adders for weeks now, even at places much further north than where these adders live. All I can put it down to is the local climate here and the fact that there is cloud cover for the majority… Read More

UPDATED: After visits on the 8th and 11th April, two females have also joined the group of three males at one site. Although none of the males have sloughed their skin yet which means there won’t be any courtship behaviour for now. I have also created a “UK Adder diaries” page onto the blog. ORIGINAL POST: Recently I visited two adders site, one which I mentioned previously which is suffering from high… Read More