Severe adder disturbance in northern counties

After a visit to one of the few adder sites left in my local area on Saturday I made the following post on my Facebook page which I thought I would share here too.

I have since been informed that several of the three to four different photography groups have shared the location of these particular adders on their Facebook pages and websites. This is the single biggest contributor to the huge increase in adder disturbance.


By Matt Wilson

2017 so far…

I saw my first adders (Vipera berus) on the 19th February and then I saw some more today in more typical, warmer weather. Over the weekend I was busy moving common toads (Bufo bufo) at a regular crossing point in my village. If you want to help out with toad migrations, which without human intervention can lead to large percentages of a population being killed by cars, please see the following website:

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By Matt Wilson