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Season’s end and new name

Although I have had some great trips abroad this year, herping closer to home has been very disappointing with over half of my local adders vanishing probably due to them drowning during hibernation from severe floods. So I was very pleased to find this newborn baby adder whilst out last weekend as it was trying to cross a small country road. Despite the weather being suitable I couldn’t see any adults around apart from a female which had sadly been hit by a car. This will probably be my final adder observation of the year as I don’t get out as much in the autumn due to a busy work load.

I also decided that the webpage needed a new name to reflect the evolution of my interests in Herpetology as my future plans do not solely involve visiting European destinations. Therefore, Amphibian and Reptile Travels now seems more appropriate than The European Amphibian and Reptile Blog. The content of the site does remain very much the same for now.



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