Adder emergence 2016

I haven’t been able to visit the local adders (Vipera berus) until today so far this year which is a bit later than usual. At one site 2 males and more surprisingly a female were found followed by a visit to two other spots where one individual was found at each. Both of the latter two sites seem to have very small populations these days, probably not more than 10 individuals at each location.

Common frogs (Rana temporaria) have been breeding over the past week as well.


IMG_5379 copyIMG_5395 copy


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  1. Hi,I am extremely interested in finding out more about yourself and your group.I have been doing the same as you for many years with my son,I’d love to meet up with people like yourselves.We travel to other countries to find wildlife as much as possible.Thankyou.Jo

  2. That’s bad news.
    On the toad front we had two on the road at Todmorden on Saturday, but none at the same site on Sunday, when the temperature dropped to about 7C.

    Frogs: we saw c. 40 having a great get together among c. 20 clumps of spawn at Cunnery Wood, near Shibden Park, and I now have 6 clumps in my tiny garden pond, where it appears at the rate of one per night, with no sign of the frogs!

  3. Thanks Steve,
    Not seen a toad yet, but this week there will be some males moving for sure.

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