Trip plans 2016

As is usual for this time of year there is a bit of radio silence as my time is mostly dedicated to work and autumn very quickly becomes winter. Unlike last year I shall not be doing any winter trips this year but I am saving my energy for some exciting and rather different trips next year. Already I’ve booked some flights and made the following plans:

February: Spain (Catalonia and Aragón) for a different kind of field trip (wait to find out why…), this will surely include some nice amphibian observations along the way.

March/April: Costa Rica, after waiting several years for a return visit it’s time to head back to the central American wildlife paradise with a higher focus on reptiles this time after the great success of finding amphibians at the end of the wet season during my 2010 visit.

May: Slovakia, my first visit to my girlfriend’s homeland with some organised wildlife watching to supplement my usual amphibian and reptile-related wanderings in the Carpathian mountains.

Summer: haven’t decided yet…

3 Comments on “Trip plans 2016

    • Could easily fill double the amount of school holidays with trips if I’m honest Fred!


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