I’ve just returned from a week in Tenerife in the Canary islands. Not a herping trip but an escape from the British Christmas madness but I still had lots of fun photographing the island’s endemic lizards Gallotia gallotia and Chalcides viridanus. Click here or the photo below to view the photo gallery. Many thanks to Wolfgang Wüster and Andrew Gray for some hints for the trip.

IMG_6062 copy

Tenerife gallotia (Gallotia gallotia) male (C) Matt Wilson

3 Comments on “Tenerife

  1. Good pictures Matt. Must get to Tenerife sometime. I went to Fuertaventura in the 90s. We had a small lizard at the hotel (no pics) but no other reptiles, though I walked and walked. Birds were great, and an amazing grasshopper that was imitating empty shells.


  2. Nice photo’s. I’ve been to Tenerife three times and have yet to see viridianus.

    Fred Stokes


  3. Thanks Fred, the skink required quite a lot of effort to find. Once I found one I was happy and started having a more normal holiday.


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