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Monthly Archives: August 2014

I spent a morning out in the field on Saturday, Carl picked me up and headed to a good spot for Slow-worm (Anguis fragilis). This reptile has a discontinuous distribution up north, although a lot of this could be down to lack of dedicated searchers. We quickly found 5 specimens, including a gravid female. Next up was some open moorland where Carl quickly found a grass snake (Natrix natrix) and a female… Read More

The journal herpetozoa is a peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to all aspects of herpetology in English and German which forms part of the Austrian Herpetological Society (OGH). It is regularly used for the most recent publication for anything concerning the Greek herpetofauna. Myself, Bo and Marie Stille visited the Ionian island of Paxos in May 2013 and had some significant finds worthy of publication. Our paper “WILSON. M, STILLE, B. & STILLE, M (2014)… Read More

As the premature Autumn air has already arrived in the north of England and as I prepare for term time once again I have made a few amendments to the blog recently. This includes updating the Local Species page and uploaded a photo gallery to the Outside Europe page about my trip to Costa Rica back in 2010. The second page is going to be updated further to accommodate trips in 2015 which will,… Read More

As I have quite a bit of free time before going back to work in the coming weeks I decided to visit my local Adder (Vipera berus) site again. Some females were again showing well in a bid to develop their offspring through the weak sun rays. I saw 4 familiar females and what I now believe to be a new female at a different part of the site together with a… Read More

Today I went out searching with David Nixon, first to an adder site where it was business as usual with eight females observed, six of which were clearly gravid. At a different site, two Little owls (Athene noctua), an adult and a fledgling were showing well as were a family of Sparrowhawks (Accipter nisus) in a plantation with at least four youngsters seen. Unfortunately they moved from tree to tree too quickly… Read More

I’ve spent the past 12 days helping my biologist friend Ilias Strachinis ( monitor some of the high mountains of Greece as well as doing DNA sampling on some species. This involved travelling large parts of the country and exploring some mountains previously never monitored for herpetofauna. This allowed me to see my first new species for several years, namely the Greek meadow viper (Vipera ursinii graeca). Furthermore, during days off in… Read More