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Monthly Archives: May 2014

After my fifteenth Corfu trip in a few days time I’ll be heading off on a month-long island tour in mid-June, mostly to document herpetofauna but at least some parts will be spent relaxing on the beach when it is too hot to go out searching. Should be fun! Corfu report will follow in early June.

Sometimes to survey reptiles we put down refugia and we did this at one site last year which has good numbers of lizards and snakes. Although today was too hot for successful reptile observations I turned a few bits we put down and found one Adder (Vipera berus), one Slow-worm (Anguis fragilis) and some Common toads (Bufo bufo). Next week I’m off back to Corfu to continue my research with my friends… Read More

Today it was beautiful up on the remote moorlands, with no wind and mostly clear, sunny skies. I haven’t been my relatively local hotspot for Common lizards (Zootoca vivipara) this year so I decided to pay them a visit. Several adults were seen as I did my regular walk along a valley. The entire time I was out I could hear Lapwings and Curlews calling and both species were very commonly seen…. Read More