Second winter…(Updated 09/04/12)

Over the last week the winter temperatures have returned (bugger!) but today I had a rather pleasant surprise. I did a talk and field walk for the Cheshire Active Naturalist group and after the talk we were able to find 4 Adders, 5-6 Slow worms and a Common lizard despite the relatively cool temperatures and lack of sunshine. Although admittedly temperatures were higher than earlier in the week when a freezing blizzard came out of nowhere. Thanks to the group for listening to me babble on about herps and I’m sure everyone enjoyed managing to see some Adders up close. Thanks to Carl for helping me out with transport and helping to find the animals!

Please see the Cheshire Active Naturalist post on the day, together with some photos by clicking here.

Next week I am off to Symi, however I hadn’t counted on the Orthodox Greek Easter and boat strikes which have altered our plans slightly. Myself and Ilias will now spend our first day and night herping on Rhodes before taking a boat to Symi and Carl will have to join us a little bit later than planned because on Easter Sunday (next week in Greece) there are no boat services from Rhodes at all.

A few (poor) photos from today, as it was more important for me to help others get decent pictures as I already have 247,000 adder and slow worm photos:

A small male Adder (Vipera berus) (C) Matt Wilson
Male Slow worm (Anguis fragilis) (C) Matt Wilson
Habitat shot (C) Matt Wilson

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