And so the madness begins….

Today I visited my regular spot for Adders (Vipera berus) as males usually start their activity around this time if there is sufficient sunshine and a slight increase in temperature. The weather was cold and wet and after hours of searching I found nothing, eventually after spending all day (7 hours!!!!) in the field I found two male adders. The first of 2012! Some other interesting observations from the day were several Deer, and a sadly dead on road Badger.

Additionally, by comparing photos of specimens from this site I have seen this male before, in April last year, but quite far from where he was today.

Male Adder (Vipera berus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
Male Adder (Vipera berus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
Male Adder (Vipera berus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
Male Adder (Vipera berus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
''Oh no that idiot is back with his camera again''

On Thursday night the weather was very mild and drizzling so I thought this could trigger the explosive breeding  of Common frogs at a pond in my village. This results in carnage as they pile out of a drystone wall and into the road. Thankfully this is a country road so not too much traffic, but it only takes one car to kill dozens of them. However, on this occasion they had not yet emerged, but instead I found about 30 Palmate newts (Lissotriton helveticus) crossing the road to the pond, I of course moved them all and only one had been run over.

Male Palmate newt (Lissotriton helveticus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
Female Palmate newt (Lissotriton helveticus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
FemalePalmate newt (Lissotriton helveticus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012
Palmate newts (Lissotriton helveticus) (C) Matt Wilson 2012

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  1. Great to see the reptiles beginning to show again. I am currently down on the south coast for a short break. We have not turned up any V.berus yet but they were apparently showing three weeks ago further along the coast at a well known site.

    Wall lizards showing in the sunshine this week.


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