2012 herp trips, plans so far..

Whereas last winter I had two herp trips to see me through the dark, dreary season, this time I have had none, therefore more so than usual I am very excited about spring 2012. My plans are starting to take shape now:

April: A Dodecanese voyage to the islands of Symi and Rhodes to see some old friends (human and reptilian) together with my favourite Greek Ilias Strachnis, and hopefully also Carl Corbidge. Symi is an island I know well, and one of many reasons for a return visit is the presence of Ottoman vipers (Montivipera xanthina), as well as some other ‘Asian’ snake species not found elsewhere in Europe. Depending on weather conditions we may also try to get a boat to Kastellorizo in search of it’s beautiful Luschan’s salamanders (Lyciasalamandra luschani).

May/June: First, Corfu (again!) but only for the second time with the Durrell School of Corfu for the ‘Gerald Durrell’s Corfu’ week. And almost immediately after this, a trip to the beautiful island of Corsica as a group of 4 to be sure we find all of the island’s endemic species.

Summer: Either an Iberian trip, or I may go crazy and have a ‘normal’ holiday.

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