Milos trip report

Well heres a report from my trip to Milos, click here to view it. Hope you like it, and expect more photos from the trip to be added from Thomas when he returns from Greece.

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  1. Matt,

    Great trip report and pics.. loved the site.. read everything in one go! Relieved the boredom of recovery..

    Made me even more desperate for some herping.. Off to Hungary again in Sept for Ursinni and Portugal/Spain for some vipers and rock lizard action in Sept as well.

    I see from Jeroens list we are on a similar number of Euro species.. maybe some trips together next year :O)

    If you ever fancy coming down south for Pool frog, edible frog, italian crested newt, italian pool frog, midwife, spanish midwife, smooth snake, alpine newt, lots of berus, sand lizard , green lizard or wall lizard.. or just decent coffee… just drop me an e mail.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the kind comments, sounds like you have a decent schedule planned. Although my 2011 herping may well now be over, Spain and Portugal will feature highly in my future plans, especially the Atlantic coastal region. I would like to come down south, I used to go down to Dorset quite often but haven’t been for a few years. I may well get the opportunity to head down your way in the summer, so I will keep you informed as it would be nice to meet up!
      All the best,

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