Last day on Milos!

I am near the end of my trip to Milos, and have made some fantastic findings, of course including the endemic, and very beautiful Milos viper (Macrovipera schweizeri). Today I visited the small island of Kimolos and also managed to find a Milos viper there, but sadly tomorrow I start my journey back to the UK. I have chosen a photo of the largest viper we found on Milos. Expect a report next week!

90cm Milos viper (Macrovipera schweizeri) specimen of 90cm (C) Matt Wilson

2 responses to “Last day on Milos!”

  1. Nice viper Matt. Must have taken quite a big flowerpot base to quieten him down for the photo!

    • Very true Steve, we could not find an appropriately sized flowerpot, but thankfully he sat still for a brief period so we could take photographs!

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