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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Despite the prediction of bad weather this week, Carl Corbidge came over and we set out to see some herps. First, a quick stop at my local adder site where 5 large and healthy female Vipera berus were quickly found. The second one being the same female as last week sat in exactly the same spot. With a slight improvement in the weather we drove across Lancashire to the Merseyside coast where… Read More

I’ve added some additional photos from Thomas Reich to the Milos and Kimolos report, including the calamity attempts and trying to catch and endangered Milos water frog (Pelophylax sp) for photos!

Since I returned to the north of England from Greece the weather has been truly dire, strong winds together with heavy rain have kept me indoors 😦 However, on Sunday I went for a walk around a local site which holds a very small population of Vipera berus, despite the previously mentioned wind, and even a few light drops of rain I stumbled across a large female. Usually from June onward male adders… Read More

Well heres a report from my trip to Milos, click here to view it. Hope you like it, and expect more photos from the trip to be added from Thomas when he returns from Greece.

I am near the end of my trip to Milos, and have made some fantastic findings, of course including the endemic, and very beautiful Milos viper (Macrovipera schweizeri). Today I visited the small island of Kimolos and also managed to find a Milos viper there, but sadly tomorrow I start my journey back to the UK. I have chosen a photo of the largest viper we found on Milos. Expect a report next… Read More