Species list after 9 days in Corfu

As I previously mentioned I will not be able to post photos until I get back from Corfu on 23rd May. However after 9 days of field work I have been able to observe the majority of species found on my favorite island. I am still here for a week but I will be working with the Durrell School of Corfu, so here is a list of what I have seen during my 9 days of searching:

Species list

  1. Smooth newt (Lissotriton vulgaris ssp graeca)
  2. Common tree frog (Hyla arborea)
  3. Green toad (Bufo viridis) only 2 adults, many juveniles
  4. Common toad (Bufo bufo ssp spinosus) Common after rain at night
  5. Agile frog (Rana dalmatina)
  6. Marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus)
  7. Epirus water frog (Pelophylax epeiroticus)
  8. Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni) 15+
  9. Balkan terrapin (Mauremys rivulata)
  10. European pond terrapin (Emys orbicularis)
  11. Turkish gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) Common
  12. Starred agama (Laudakia stellio) About 15
  13. Dalmation algyroides (Algyroides nigropunctatus) Many many…
  14. Balkan green lizard (Lacerta trilineata) 100+
  15. Green lizard (Lacerta viridis) 3 adults
  16. Balkan wall lizard (Podarcis tauricus ssp ionica) only 2
  17. Snake-eyed skink (Ablepharus kitaibelli) only 2
  18. Greek slow worm (Anguis graeca) 9 specimens
  19. Glass lizard (Pseudopus apodus) 20+ specimens
  20. Sand boa (Eryx jaculus) 1 adult of 50cm
  21. Balkan whip snake (Hierophis gemonensis) 6 specimens
  22. Large whip snake (Dolichophis caspius) only one adult
  23. Dahl’s whip snake (Platyceps najadum) 5 specimens
  24. Grass snake (Natrix natrix ssp persa) 8 specimens
  25. Dice snake (Natrix tesselata) 4 specimens, including one melanistic
  26. Four-lined snake (Elaphe quatuorlineata) 2 adults (incl one of almost 200cm), 2 juveniles (+1 dor)
  27. Leopard snake (Zamenis situlus) one adult
  28. Montpellier snake (Malpolon insignitus) 9 (+3 dor)
  29. Cat snake (Telescopus fallax) only 1
  30. Nose-horned viper (Vipera ammodytes) 1 female (+2 dead specimens)

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