Back to my favorite island

The ancient olive groves of Corfu are among my favorite places to look for reptiles (C) Matt Wilson

Tomorrow I’m off to Corfu, first a week exploring my favorite spots on the island for herps, and surely finding some new areas along the way. From 13th-22nd May I will have the great pleasure of working with the Durrell School of Corfu on their Gerald Durrell week, and I’m sure I can help to find some nice animals to show the visitors 🙂 Only a few days break after that before going to Milos via Athens to search for the rare and endemic vipers, as well as the other beautiful species found on this unique island in the Cyclades. So expect lots and lots of photos from 6th June when my lengthy field work is over 🙂

Corfu in the spring never disappoints and I expect to be finding lots of herps over the next few weeks, and hopefully at the same time, introducing others to the fabulous species on this island which have captivated me since I was a youngster.

2 Comments on “Back to my favorite island

  1. We have just observed several chestnut brown snakes about one metre long , 25/30 cms diameter , sunbathing on coastal path between Kouloura and Kerasia , Corfu. Very docile , are these the Smooth Snake ?


    • Hi Nigel,
      Smooth snakes do not occur on Corfu, but it sounds to me like you have encountered the Glass lizard. A large legless lizard that resembles a snake, most snakes in Corfu do not allow for a close approach in most instances.
      I will be posting a new report soon on my blog as I am in Corfu at the moment and have been able to photograph the majority of species found here.


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