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Monthly Archives: April 2011

FRIDAY: Rather than an in depth field report, I thought I would just post the photos from the Easter weekend, as hopefully, the photos will speak for themselves and save me the job of inventing an interesting report 😉 On Friday daytime we went onto the moors and saw some mating Adders (Vipera berus) followed by a nice male specimen and some Common lizards (Zootoca vivipara), including a first melanistic specimen. Myself… Read More

Myself and Carl Corbidge have had a busy bank holiday weekend, herping all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the North of England. On Sunday we were pleased to finally meet fellow herpers Dave Hardaker and Liam Russell after email correspondence for some time so we could observe some Sand lizards together . Despite rather hot weather throughout, we managed to find 10 species of amphibian and reptile, a great number for… Read More

On Sunday I had another short search for Adders (Vipera berus), and again it was rather hot weather for April! Firstly, at the edge of a small stream a group of walkers were looking down into the water, when I went over I realized they were watching a large male adder swimming across the stream and it eventually ended up hiding inside the bordering stone wall. Minutes later I found a tiny,… Read More

On Sunday, I went out searching for Adders with my Dad, who has in the past seen many of Britain’s native reptile species in Dorset, when each spring we would travel down to the south coast and spend countless hours lifting tins looking for Smooth snakes and all the other species present there. Today, we visited a more local spot for Adders, the same spot  as I visited on Friday (see previous… Read More

The hottest day of the year so far (17C), so I decided to check the Adder site not too far from where I live. Arriving at the spot around 11:30am, it was already quite warm, and for the first hour of searching I didn’t find a thing! To be honest, it was probably too hot for most adders, but after a little more searching I came across a male specimen moving over… Read More

After 6 years of solid use from my regular Canon SLR camera, I finally decided it was time for an update. I felt quite sad having to ‘let go’ of my reliable, Japanese travel companion, and considering the amount of times I have smashed it onto a rock, had snakes wrap around the flash, not to mention defecate on the thing, its a miracle that the camera is still alive today! However,… Read More