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Winter in the Algarve

In a few hours I will be setting off to Portugal, I have never visited the Algarve before so I am very excited about searching for herps there. Temperatures are quite favorable, not only for amphibians, but it would seem also reptiles. As mentioned previously the aim of this trip is to find amphibians, but I can never resist the chance to lift some ground cover to search for lizards and snakes 😉

Hopefully we will also have time to venture into S-W Spain (Andalusia), it would be especially nice to re-visit the Coto Doñana National Park, one of Europe’s most famous wildlife reserves. I was last there in 2008 with the Austrian Herpetological field team, we had a great time and saw some amazing species, click here to see some of my photos from that trip.

Next post should hopefully include some nice amphibian photos! 🙂

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