2011 schedule and new book

My plans for 2011 are now fixed, with all my trips being in the first half of the year, to profit from the greater amphibian and reptile actvity in the spring rather than the Autumn:

6th-13th February: S. Portugal (Algarve) with Carl to search for amphibians, possibly also with a few days in S-W Spain

6th-22nd May: Corfu (Greece) first week with Andrew and Carl, the second week I will be with the Gerald Durrell School

27th May-5th June: Milos and Kimolos (Greece) with Swiss friend Thomas Reich to search for the beautiful endemic species and subspecies on these unique islands in the Cyclades.

On another note, I am pleased to inform you all of a fantastic new book that I recieved this week by French colleague Jean-Pierre Vacher, Michel Geniez et al. ”Les reptiles de France, Belgique, Luxembourg et Suisse” is a fantastic follow up to the amphibian based previous release by Biotope Editions which is amongst my most favorite herping field guides. The new book is everything I was expecting, and is without doubt, in my opinion, one of the most in-depth books I own, and like its predecossor, now one of my favorites. It is in French, but if this is not a language you speak, I still highly recommend this book for its magnificient field identification keys and distribution maps. Furthermore, the photography is great throughout and I was pleased to see a couple of my own photographs in the book 🙂

For more information on buying Jean-Pierres new book, click here

4 Comments on “2011 schedule and new book

  1. Thanx a lot Matt for the nice words about the book! Hopefully for the English readers, next time I’ll write a book in English!


  2. Don’t worry, the most important thing is that the francophones can read it! English can come later 😉
    Well done again, a great contribution to French Herpetology!


  3. Good luck with the Milos viper Matt, Suzanne and I have chosen that week to get married!


  4. Congratulations to you both again! I’ll head down your end one weekend in the spring/summer and we’ll try and get all British species found!
    Vipers on Milos should in theory be quite easy to see, but on Kimolos there are only a few hundred remaining so will be more of a challenge.


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