Menorca trip reports!

Click here to see my trip report from Menorca, to see more varied photos (some embarrassing on my part) visit Jeroen’s report at:

Bobby also made a great report on his website, all the money I spent on a macro lens and his photos with a compact camera are still better than mine 😉

Update: Click here to see my online photo gallery from Menorca

The Menorca team! Jeroen, Bobby, Me, Gijs, Lenny, Peter, Jan and Anniek (C) Jeroen Speybroeck

2 responses to “Menorca trip reports!”

  1. That looked a great trip Matt, well done with the Smooth snakes, at least you didn’t have to turn half the island over this time.

  2. Cheers Kev! This time it was alot easier, the season really makes all the difference. Although I personally didn’t turn a stone with a falsie underneath grrrrrrrrrr!

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