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Monthly Archives: November 2010

One of the greatest pleasures of my trip so far through Costa Rica is seeing a truly beautiful species of frog in the wild for the first time, the Red-eyed leaf frog (Agalychnis callidryas), not to mention many other memorable encounters!

Although highly unexpected and out of nowhere, I have been very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to go to Costa Rica this weekend for a two week trip. This is a country I have always wanted to visit and one that my boss and friend Andrew Gray knows very well. I am very lucky to be able to travel with a Herpetologist as knowledgable as Andrew, since he knows Costa Rica,… Read More

Here are some photos that I didn’t put into my field report from Menorca, but are still nice photos in their own right, together with a short video I made of the final Ladder snake (Rhinechis scalaris) found on the trip.

Click here to see my trip report from Menorca, to see more varied photos (some embarrassing on my part) visit Jeroen’s report at: Bobby also made a great report on his website, all the money I spent on a macro lens and his photos with a compact camera are still better than mine 😉 Update: Click here to see my online photo gallery from Menorca