On friday I had the pleasure of meeting Froglife coordinator Samantha Taylor and Trustee John Walker and showed them the Herpetological collection at the Manchester museum. Froglife is charity organisation that is dedicated to the conservation of Britain’s amphibians and reptiles. The charity has created many conservation projects, such asToads on roads ,Snake in the grass‘, and the ‘Rana projectwhich monitors the spread of amphibian diseases and evaluates their impact. The charity is especially dedicated to conserving ”common” amphibian species which are often overlooked in terms of conservation.  I was especially impressed to learn about the extensive efforts of the ‘Toads on roads’ project, which involves hundreds of volunteers venturing out at night in the early spring to sites across the country where Common toads have to cross roads in order to reach their breeding ponds. The toads are helped on their way by the volunteers, and studies have shown that local extinctions of toads can easily occur if a certain percentage of the population is killed by vehicles during the migration period. Therefore Froglifes toads on roads project is extremely valuable to conserve vulnerable amphibian populations.

If you are interested in getting involved with Froglife visit their newly designed website at:

Additionally, as mentioned in my previous post I will be herping on the island of Menorca from this weekend, our Belgian, Dutch, Maltese and British field team will surely leave no stone unturned in the search for the Algerian false smooth snake….So hopefully will have a nice report from the trip to upload in the next few weeks.

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