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Autumn update

Only a couple of weeks before my trip to Menorca with the Belgian Hyla team where we hope to catch up with that cheeky false smooth snake that eluded myself, as well as the Belgians in Majorca.  Also, some provisional plans have already been made for 2011! Yes I am that sad! A winter amphibian trip is very much on the cards, either to S.Portugal/Spain or S.France specifically to observe breeding Western spadefoot toads (Pelobates cultripes) and hopefully many other amphibians. Either way this will help me get through the long, freezing British winter.

As for next spring, I have been invited to participate in the ”Gerald Durrell week 2011′ organised by the Durrell school of  Corfu ( ). I have even made a page about this event for anybody who may be interested:

If time/finances allow it, I would especially like to visit the beautiful island of Corsica in summer 2011, but that is still a long way off.

Additional note: The ”Books” and ”Conservation” pages have been updated:

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