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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Well here it is, the Algerian false smooth snake (Macroprotodon cucullatus mauritanicus). A trip report from our amazingly successful Autumn trip to Menorca will shortly follow. Many thanks again to the Hyla team for letting me tag along!

On friday I had the pleasure of meeting Froglife coordinator Samantha Taylor and Trustee John Walker and showed them the Herpetological collection at the Manchester museum. Froglife is charity organisation that is dedicated to the conservation of Britain’s amphibians and reptiles. The charity has created many conservation projects, such as ‘Toads on roads‘ , ‘Snake in the grass‘, and the ‘Rana project‘ which monitors the spread of amphibian diseases and evaluates their… Read More

Only a couple of weeks before my trip to Menorca with the Belgian Hyla team where we hope to catch up with that cheeky false smooth snake that eluded myself, as well as the Belgians in Majorca.  Also, some provisional plans have already been made for 2011! Yes I am that sad! A winter amphibian trip is very much on the cards, either to S.Portugal/Spain or S.France specifically to observe breeding Western… Read More