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Monthly Archives: June 2010

It doesn’t look like I will be visiting Corfu this year, despite the fact that over the last 6-7 years I have been there almost every year, mostly in the Autumn or mid summer. However, owing to its beauty and fantastic herpetofauna, many others choose this island as their spring destination to observe reptiles and amphibians. Will Atkins, who is chairman of trustees for the London, Essex and Hertfordshire Amphibian and Reptiles… Read More

After the disappointing amount of photographs you are able to load up for free with, I decided to find an alternative which doesn’t require paying after 200 photo uploads at Picasa, Google’s online photosharing contribution: I still have alot left to upload but I’ll try and get as many albums up as I can, although my trips prior to 2007 will be avoided due to my poor photographic skills all those… Read More

Today I recieved a shocking news publication from my conservationist friend Vicente Hernandez-Gil in Murcia about the actions of the civil protection agents at Yecla in northern Murcia. These people who were called to deal with three snakes found in an observation building for the prevention of forest fires, said the snakes were “too aggressive”, and thereby had to be killed.  The two snakes to the left of the photo being held… Read More

After my weekend back in Murcia (Spain) a few weeks ago I thought I would share with you some images from Kevin Byrnes of a far more serious (and successful) herping trip in the region. Kevin visited Murcia in April and was successful in finding most species present in the area, including the species that I tried and failed to find a few weeks ago, the Southern midwife toad (Alytes dickhilleni).  He was especially… Read More

Recently whilst researching my summer trip to the Balearics, I came across a very interesting publication, ”el libro rojo de los vertebrados de las baleares” which gives specific information of the conservation status of all vertebrates on these Spanish islands, especially the largest three: Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. Although it is considered as vulnerable on the first two islands, on Ibiza is now regarded as being in danger of extinction. In the… Read More