Back to the UK…

I fly home to Manchester today and I want to say a big thank you to my travel companions on this trip, so thanks alot Thomas, Bobby and Ilias, as well as Ilias’s parents who kindly allowed me to stay with them some nights in their home in Thessaloniki. I will try hard to get a report up in the next few days but this may be a very long process due to the numbers of animals we have found during the last two weeks (46 species!!). Thankfully I was able to photograph nearly all of them, but I was the only one of the team that didn’t get photos of those darn shy Meadow lizards (Darevskia praticola), but I saw too many other nice species to be bothered about this!!

Despite the more ‘interesting’ findings it was great to see some  common species in incredible numbers, for example over 100 Glass lizards (Pseudopus apodus), why is it so common on Lemnos?? As well as several hundred tortoises (Testudo graeca and hermanni).

The only real downsides to this trip was the ”Malaka” driving in front of us at Thrace who ran over the big Blotched rat snake (Elaphe sauromates) we had tried so hard to find, but we were still able to find and photograph a living juvenile specimen.

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