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Monthly Archives: May 2010

On my travels I get to meet some great people and make many new friends, what is also great for me is that many people still send me photos of animals they find for me to identify. In this case my good friend Adriana Shum who lives in Symi sent me some nice images of a snake that turned up on their farm a few days ago. The snake which had gorged itself… Read More

This weekend I have been in Murcia (Spain) visiting some friends. Not a herping trip at all but on Saturday I did spend the afternoon in the field with my good friend and famous Murcian Naturalist and Conservationist Vicente Hernandez-Gil. We drove up the north west of Murcia where I was hoping to find some Betic midwife toads (Alytes dickhilleni) as I had a very reliable spot kindly shared with me by… Read More

Here is the report from our epic trip to Greece: I hope you all like it!

Here are a few highlight photos from my trip across northern Greece these last 2 weeks, its going to take me a long time to upload all the photos from this one!

I fly home to Manchester today and I want to say a big thank you to my travel companions on this trip, so thanks alot Thomas, Bobby and Ilias, as well as Ilias’s parents who kindly allowed me to stay with them some nights in their home in Thessaloniki. I will try hard to get a report up in the next few days but this may be a very long process due… Read More

On my final day in Greece I have spent the day with my Greek friend Ilias Strachinis recieving phone calls from worried members of the public to catch and relocate snakes that have ventured into urban areas. Today we had three calls, the first despite hours of trying to find a snake, it had disappeared down a pipe and was probably dead thanks to firemen and locals who had poured toxic chemicals… Read More

Well Ilias and I did it, we braved falling boulders and tree trunks to reach 2000m in Greece to find the Northern viper or Greek Adder (Vipera berus bosniensis).  Without doubt one of the most isolated and beautiful habitats in the entire country, the vipers are also nice 🙂 Report and photos to follow.

I have been in Greece for 10 days now, and this has been the most amazing trip. I cannot wait to share photos and videos from this excursion which has easily been my most successful ever, having found many specimens of all the species I wanted to see as well as alot more.  Our first 4 days at Thrace in north-east Greece were fantastic, with observations of over 20 Ottoman vipers (Montivipera… Read More