Amphibian study day in Spain

On 15th April I will be travelling to Murcia in south-east Spain for a long weekend, a place where I lived and studied two years ago. The aim of the trip is to catch up with some friends, but I can not visit the place without looking for some nice herps. Luckily that weekend a survey day will be undertaken in the north-west of the region to monitor the localised populations of the Southern Midwife toad (Alytes dickhellini) and the Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra). Both of these species are restricted to the mountains of the north-west and a number of field studies conducted by the naturalist group ANSE (Naturalist Associasion of south-east Spain) have given new insights into their distribution in the province. Having collaborated with ANSE during my study period I am looking forward to meeting up with some old friends for a day and trying to track down some of these elusive amphibian jewels of Spain.

For more information about ANSE and their work visit:

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