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Monthly Archives: February 2010

The rare and secretive lacertid lizard, the Spanish Algyroides (Algyroides marchi) has been discovered for the first time in the autonomous community of Murcia, where I studied and lived in 2008. The lizard, classed as endangered (EN) by the IUCN red list because of the loss of habitat, and relatively small distribution is related to only two other algyroides, both found in the Balkans. Its previous distribution was believed to consist of… Read More

I can now add a trip to Majorca (Mallorca) in August to my 2010 schedule. This trip was supposed to go ahead last year but alas it never did, but finally this year I will be able to search for a number of species endemic to this Mediterranean island. This looks like it will be my final list of trips for the coming year: April: Non herping trip to Murcia (Spain), perhaps… Read More