2010 trip planned

Well 2009 may have not yet come to a close but already my main 2010 trip has been organised. In May, myself, and friends Ilias Strachinis, Bobby Bok and Thomas Reich will start from our base at Ilias’s home city of Thessaloniki and make our way eastwards towards the Turkish border at Thrace in search of some interesting species. After this we will move onto Limnos island, just west of Lesbos where we will stay for the majority of our trip before making some further prospections around the Macedonia/Thessaloniki area.

2010 plans so far:

May: Northern Greece: Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Thrace, Limnos

June or July: Short, more casual trip to Minorca for Podarcis lilfordi

2 Comments on “2010 trip planned

  1. I’m guessing lineatus is the only European herp you have yet to see 🙂

    I will only be able to do this one big trip in 2010 with maybe a short package holiday later on. Depending on your plans, you may be interested in a cheap, short trip to Minorca in the summer for the variable Podarcis lilfordi and of course Macroprotodon cucullatus.



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