Back in Corfu

Tomorrow I’m off to Corfu for a week, this time in the company of Andrew Gray, curator of Herpetology at Manchester Museum. Although it will be very hot and humid Corfu is so lush that even in mid summer it is possible for some nice observations. No specific species targets as I have found almost all of them on previous trips to the island. A new locality for Sand Boa (Eryx jaculus) will be checked, but we are unlikely to be successful with this secretive snake in the summer. Andrew, being an amphibian specialist is eager to see some frogs and toads, maybe the extremely humid conditions will help us in this respect, as it did for me in the same conditions a few weeks previously in Zakynthos. Back in a week so a report and photos will be posted.

3 Comments on “Back in Corfu

  1. Hope you both have a great time. And good luck spotting spotting the Sand Boa.

    I shall look forward to reading you report and seeing the photos when you get back.



  2. Thanks Vlad/Louise,
    A friend gave me a location for the Sand Boas, and although we searched the area quite well it was infested with mosquitoes so we couldn’t stay long. I did lift a stone on top of a drystone wall and something snake-like burrowed down the hole beneath it. Maybe that was a boa afterall I just didn’t realise it! However, about 50m from this site we found the Worm snake, which is the second best thing!


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