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Monthly Archives: July 2009

As those of you who follow my blog will know, I have a trip to Greece planned for October where one of the main targets is the Eastern spadefoot toad (Pelobates syriacus). Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to give some information on what a spadefoot toad actually is, as well as its adaptations and general habits as they are no ordinary toad! Firstly, spadefoots are one of the… Read More

Ever since I first visited Corfu when I was 16 years old I have come across the type of reptile enthusiast or Herpetologist or whatever you want to call them who collect animals from the wild for no other purpose but to sell them. The first time I visited my favorite tortoise spot I found myself confronting a 30 year old man who had two tortoises in a cardboard box that he intended to… Read More

Finally after years of planning and even a cancellation, I will be visiting the Greek island of Lesvos (Lesbos) this October. I have wanted to visit this island for so many years now, as it is relatively untouched by tourism and is also one of the largest Greek islands. Furthermore there are some great reptiles and amphibians to be found, such as Eastern Spadefoot toads (Pelobates syriacus), Dwarf snakes (Eirenis modestus), Sand… Read More

Around 1915 the Starred Agama (Laudakia stellio) was introduced to Corfu Town, the origin of these large lizards is unknown but it was speculated they arrived via trading ships from the Cyclades islands where this species is common. Needless to say they have established themselves very well in the town, along the walls of the two Venetian fortresses as well as the rural gardens and parks. In recent decades the lizard was… Read More

As Andrew Gray is an amphibian specialist we dedicated some time on Corfu to search for frogs. The island is not rich in amphibians but our efforts did produce a total of five different species. The main target was the European Tree frog (Hyla arborea) which thanks to some rain in late June we were able to find at one urban site. We could hear several males calling with the typical krak-krak-krak… Read More

Well perhaps not rare, more like poorly recorded or locally common I would say…As expected it was very hot, but for a couple of hours in the evening we did some searches and had a few interesting results. Firstly, we found a Worm snake (Typhlops vermicularis) under a perfect, flat stone in a shady olive grove, as far as I know the first time the burrowing snake has been found in the… Read More

Tomorrow I’m off to Corfu for a week, this time in the company of Andrew Gray, curator of Herpetology at Manchester Museum. Although it will be very hot and humid Corfu is so lush that even in mid summer it is possible for some nice observations. No specific species targets as I have found almost all of them on previous trips to the island. A new locality for Sand Boa (Eryx jaculus)… Read More