More Crete Photos

I thought I would upload some more photos from my Crete trip last week, this time including a couple of landscape shots to give abit of an idea of some of the areas we explored. Have a good weekend.


A rocky hillside with a number of old stone walls where I found Balkan Green Lizards (Lacerta trilineata) and Balkan Whip Snake (Hierophis gemonensis). Further down the hillside in cultivated areas we also found Occellated Skinks (Chalcides occellatus), Green Toads (Bufo viridis), Cretan Frogs (Rana cretensis), Leopard Snakes (Zamenis situla) and Dice Snakes (Natrix tessellata).


The Lassithi plateau, this fertile valley has plenty supplies of freshwater so here we found many breeding sites for Green Toads (Bufo viridis) and some Common Tree Frogs (Hyla arborea).


This fresh water inland lake was a great spot where we found some of the frog and lizard species we wanted.


A female Balkan Green Lizard (Lacerta trilineata) that belongs to the Cretan subspecies polylepidota.


A big female Dice Snake (Natrix tessellata) of 120cm, the open mouth of this specimen is not a sign of aggression but it is in fact the first stage of its feigning death display


This Green Toad (Bufo viridis) was photographed as found when it was uncovered beneath a stone


This Leopard Snake (Zamenis situla) was found hiding beneath a flat stone at the side of a dirt track passing through cultivated land.


The Balkan Whip Snake (Hierophis gemonensis) is the most common snake found on Crete, as well as being a common species throughout most of western Greece and many other islands.

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